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Dementia In Cats: Symptoms And Treatment Options

As your cat’s brain ages, they can experience cognitive decline and develop dementia in the same way humans can. Dementia is a progressive illness that may initially present as subtle changes to your cat’s behaviour and lead to your cat becoming less responsive to their environment and stimuli. It’s not clear why some cats develop […]

Is Your Guinea Pig At Risk Of Scurvy?

Guinea pigs make popular pets for kids.  They’re cute, they are easy to care for, and they have a really friendly temperament.  But did you know that your child’s pet guinea pig could be at risk from a condition called scurvy?  Read on to find out more. What is scurvy? Like human beings, guinea pigs […]

Keeping Pests Out of Museum Collections: 5 Tips for Curators

Unfortunately, museum collections—especially ones full of organic materials such as feathers, textiles and paper—can be an inviting home for a range of pests, and their damage can become extensive. Fortunately, there are several steps curators and museum directors can take to protect their collections. To keep pest infestations to a minimum, check out these five […]

How Owning a Pet Can Improve Your Health

“Pet therapy” refers to the healing effects that result from someone interacting with a pet, such as a cat or a dog. Your health will improve in many ways if you have a pet. This article discusses some of those ways. Increasing Your Level of Exercise You are likely to stick to some form of […]

Hydrotherapy treatment for your pet

In the case of certain injuries or health conditions your vet may recommend a course of hydrotherapy treatment sessions for your pet.  This article explains how hydrotherapy works, what it’s used for and what you can expect to happen when you take your pet to the vet clinic for treatment. What is pet hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy […]